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Mobile Garden and Mobile Fashion

That picture in the last post was taken in Washington Square Park, a favorite spot amongst transients and fashionites alike. It was also the spot for an endeavor for the arts. Tattfoo, a charming artist of ecological bent, in collaboration with Yana handbags, braved the elements to produce work for the former’s Mobile Garden project.  Some of my favorite shots:

This guy is a pop singer from Japan. No really.


Way more pics at Tattfoo’s site.  Check it.

I also am a big fan of Tatt’s boots. I think that hipsters like myself* are always in search of the authentic, and you don’t get more authentic than crazy-ass, eco-warrior boots. Tatt is an artist and a gardener, which I’m pretty sure makes him technically a Californian.

Yana and Tatt

Yana and Tatt and puss and boots

*I’m no a hipster because I just said I’m a hipster. But if I’m not a hipster maybe I am. It’s all explained in the math.

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