I love fashion but I hate you.

Postmodern Gentleman and Office Tramp at Refinery 29/Inven.tory/Save Fashion

God writing that title was painful. However, i just learned that increasing your web traffic means putting really specific phrasing into the title, a fact that is both informative and depressing. Like learning how to get rid of weird rashes.

Anyways, there was some kind of charity event at Inven.tory in SoHo last week called Save Fashion. A nice lady from Refinery 29 took a picture of us.


I never understood the whole “let’s have a fashion event for charity.” In the end, it just seems like a party. A fancy party with superficial people in fancy clothing. That seems almost insulting to whatever charitable group we’re trying to help.

“Hey let’s clothe these orphans by giving them coats!”
“No, I have a better idea. We’ll have a benefit that generates money for coats!”
“No, even better. We’ll have a PARTY in the guise of a benefit in which people may or may not buy anything with a small fraction of the proceeds going towards a fund which may or may not be used for buying coats.”

I went with no ambiguity. I was there for free beer.

More pics at refinery29

Have your own nebulous charity event.

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