I love fashion but I hate you.

Citi: The Fashion of True Grit and Other Genius Observations

This blog is all about finding fashion in the most unexpected places.** Sometimes you’ll find it under a bridge in Central Park, selling hits of ecstasy for way over market prices, or along 5th Avenue yelling at a waiter who earns minimum wage because said waiter spilled some water on her Louboutin’s. But sometimes, fashion really surprises you, and you find it amongst a bunch of stuffy financial analysts.

Citigroup talked to an analyst about what would be hot in Spring 2011. According to the analyst: “The whole western, open-range denim story has legs. I think it’s going to be impactful to the consumer, because they’re still into a very strong casual lifestyle business. And however it plays out, whether it’s with gingham or denim, I think it resonates with the consumer.”

Oh really? Western look? Ginghams? Fringe? Faded Denim? You think these will be in fashion soon? Reals? Here’s another insider tip: I’ve been hearing a lot about “the internet”, it will probably be pretty big. Cell phones, geez, those are going to be a hit in a few years, eh?

While Citi does it’s best to make dramatic forecasts that every teenager in America saw coming three years ago, the rest of us are still wondering where to find our next fashion inspiration. I’m betting on the drug dealers.

**Actually this is about finding fashion in the most unexpected places and then talking a lot of shit about it but who’s keeping score, eh?

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