I love fashion but I hate you.

el solitario coveralls reminds you how pathetic your life is

The shittiest thing about being a blogger is the lack of a uniform. I think more people would volunteer for dangerous/shitty jobs if the uniform were awesome. Imagine some janitor decked out in Jil Sanders. You’d be grabbin’ that broom, too, my dude.

Put that uniform thought in the back of your head for a second and then ponder this: workwear is imploding. It’s not good enough to look like an 19th Century miner ever sinse Daniel Day poured that milkshake on the yard in There Will Be Blood and Amazing Moody Music. Jeans and a flannel? How Cobain of you. Now you gotta rock the full coverall like the most stylish dude in “Pimp My Ride.”

That’s why I’ve been bookmarking the El Solitario Coveralls in every iPad I play with in the Apple Store. El Solitario is what the ideal version of you would wish he could be, if your ideal version of you still wasn’t a huge disappointment. The blog is like an MIA video — just pics of women, motorcycles, and doing crazy things in the desert. But unlike MIA they seem like the real deal. And even if they’re not they still have the amazing coverall. Japanese selvedge blah blah you know all the usual shit us bloggers drool over.

Now think about this: bring forth that seed about uniforms from the back of your mind. Imagine now a uniform for bloggers. Selvedge denim El Solitorio X PMG Bloggers Coverall. The map chest pocket could be used to store iPhones/cigarettes. Cinch at the waist for when your ad share revenue is low that month. Long sleeves for when you need to wipe away the tears from nasty comments from mall ninjas.

Almost makes me want to do something useful with my hands besides blogging and artificially inseminating cows. Ah who am I kidding I love cows.


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