I love fashion but I hate you.

Many Ties

It has come to my attention that many a many of you, with great danger to your personal honor, disregard the importance of neck ties in your personal appearance. I cannot stand for this.

Behold the below graphic, forwarded to me by a good friend whilst he dug around one of the multitudes of Pneumatic Tubes that makes up the Internet.


The variations of styles, types, and manner of wear of neck ties is such that there is something for everyone.  In this manner, neckties are not unlike beer or ladies of the night: the many kinds means everyone can find something to please his palette.  But do not think that your options are limited to bowties, field scarves, or cravats.  Behold:


Aventails are the perfect thing for formal occasions where there is a slight to moderate threat of decapitation by invading Vandals.

2 Responses to “Many Ties”

  1. Neck ties are definitely ugly. Chain mail/maille is as expensive as ties are ugly.
    I avoid having to consider these items, because My beard is very good. Why pay to look bad, when one can look good for free?

    My slave has a chain locked around its neck. This serves the same purpose as a neck-tie—to proclaim the wearer is owned property.
    Also, while a slave collar generally goes equally well—or less well—with most any clothing, the same cannot be said of neck-ties. One is always having to choose the least-offensive color, pattern, and shape; and to pay for dry-cleaning. No neck-tie equals no problem!

    No neck-ties for women, either!!

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