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The Business of Blogging

Piece by The Business of Fashion on The “Business” of Blogging, that is, how blogs can and can’t make money. Bottom line: like most things, you gotta sell out to The Man.

Ms. Lau was also recently tapped by American retailer Gap to appear in their 2010 holiday campaign shot by Craig McDean and styled by Karl Templer. “There was a fee,” she said. “You are basically lending your image and compensated much like any model or celebrity who gets a campaign,” she continues. “It’s always one-off fees.”

Then again, we’re in the business of talking about fashion, not exactly the purview of saints and idealists, so perhaps this monetary reality is something to embrace? Then again, perhaps it’s already too late for the rest of us:

Here, Ms. Lau appears to enjoy a significant first mover advantage. “The fortunate and unfortunate thing is the media seems to latch on to the same bloggers over and over again,” she observes. “I was talking to a guy from Refinery29 who said: ‘The queen bees have already been chosen. The new ones are too late’, but I don’t want to believe that.”

I wonder if that’s true. Based on my Google Analytics: yes, yes it is.

And perhaps the very medium of blogging has a built-in time limit, like those robots in Blade Runner:

But while Susie Bubble has proven that a highly popular fashion blogger can generate income in the present, is blogging a financially viable career option over the long-term? Will Susanna Lau always be Susie Bubble? “For the foreseeable future, yes,” she said. “It is a viable career, but I’ve always questioned the longevity of fashion blogs,” she adds, pragmatically. “Brands latching onto bloggers — is it just a trend?”

One thing I might add is that blogging seems to be unique in that it is, for some reason, a medium which naturally or at least easily shifts content from the object to the subject. That is, a blog about clothes is OK, but you really start churning that butter once you blog about the blogger. It’s a millennial thing, I guess.

Excuse me, I have to tweet selfshot pictures of my lunch date with Kanye from my Lanvin Gossip Girl iPhone.

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