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This is an awesome picture

Just found this ridiculously awesome picture on reddit¬†under the title “The night my Grandma and Grandpa met…looks like a postcard”.

There is style in this picture, and not just because all fashion nowadays pretty much draws from this time period (or otherwise derives from this time period.) But it has a great deal more style because of its LACK of style. These are just some young people enjoying themselves and there is a real story, a connection, captured here. Is this shot possibly during a break in the war? If so, the immediacy of life is even more important? Who are these men? Who will fall in love tonight? If it was during a war, who will live and who will die?

The men are clearly in uniform, and they’ve done their hair, so they’re obviously trying, they’re just not trying in the way that people try now. There’s a certain amount of unclutteredness (made up word). In short the picture is so earnest it puts all modern PR/marketing/photoshoots to shame.¬†


2 Responses to “This is an awesome picture”

  1. tony says:

    Your blog should be called “contradiction”

  2. PMG says:

    No it really should be, but obviously that name was taken.

    Other names I could use:

    -Sartorially Confused
    -That Blog That Makes No Sense (TBTMNS, initials are super IN [also, TBTMNS could apply to most blogs out there)
    -PMGWTF (See above)
    -I was thinking about changing the name all the time, to better fit whatever mood I was in (fashion-y, archaic, anarchy-ic) but Twitter handles got too hard to manage

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