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Thom Browne ain’t got nothing on Mr. Ledray

The scary thing about the internet, and the maddeningly awesome thing, is that you feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland. One moment you’re the unrequited sexual object of a deranged  mathematician, and suddenly you’re spiraling endless downward downward downward into a possibly LSD-inspired netherworld. Instead of Cheshire cats, we have LOL cats, and instead of a rabbit hole, we have Wikipedia.

So it was through this rabbit hole that I discovered that sculptor Charles Ledray, whose “work”-based work I was admiring in a previous post, had previously had an exhibition on men’s suits, aptly titled “Men’s Suits! There’s a video.

The piece is composed of three separate scenes, harkening to a thrift shop selling garish men’s clothing. Looking at it, people aren’t sure what it’s about. Some people are amazed at the attention to detail. A tailor notes the precision and skill of the tiny clothes. Others are forced to consider the role that fashion plays in everyday life. The Telegraph notes,”A pall of sadness hangs over Mens Suits. Unwanted clothing stands in for lost lives and failed dreams.”

So what is Mr. Ledray trying to say? That clothing can have an intrinsic sadness, that a suit jacket can be a symbol for a fading career or life?

No, I think Mr. Ledray is really saying,”Dude, I straight made a tiny ass jacket.”

Mr. Ledray has shrewdly trumped the tiny jacket trend championed by Thom Browne and others and taken it to the next level. Like how razor companies are constantly trying to outdo each other by adhering ever more razors to a shaver, Ledray has dropped the sizing range of a jacket from “very small human” to “absurd rodent-sized human”. Shoppers couldn’t be more pleased.

Clever girl, Mr. Ledray. Now it’s only a matter of time before Club Monaco takes up the flag and decides to come out with a jacket that could only be worn by a 6-month old fetus, or an averaged-sized gay Chinese man.

The only way I’ll be able to get into those jackets is by drinking that elixir that Alice takes to shrink her. That shouldn’t be too hard, I’m already down the rabbit hole.

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