I love fashion but I hate you.

thom browne X neiman marcus X target X WTF X help my ‘X’ button is stuck

Right on the heels of my recent “review” (I say review in quotes because “I” don’t “know” how quotes w”ork”), the guy drops a Target collab right at the feet of the Alter of Cheap And Awesome, complete with blood offering to the God of Cop That Shit Right Now and Cthulu.

It’s part of a wider¬†initiative with Neiman Marcus and Target, one that includes Daniel Plainview favorite rag & bone¬†and brand-with-the-name-of-an-indie-band Band of Outsiders.

Target is definitely trying to corner the #menswear market, what with the recent Odin offering and rumors abound that soon there will be a Tide X Junya Watanabe collection, that Target team members will now be required to smoke outside while being photographed by Tommy Ton, and that the pretzels and nachos sold in the cafeteria will soon be made of cordovan leather.


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