I love fashion but I hate you.

thom grey still hella green.

It’s no secret that I am all UP on Thom Browne. I’ve got a bunch of his shirts and jackets (procured through sample sales, warehouse sales, drug trafficking, murder, etc.) But du’s stuff is hella** expensive. So Mr. Browne has since birthed his diffusion line, Thom Grey (by the way, shouldn’t a diluted “Browne” be “Light Brown”, or “Tan?” Anywayz.)

The stuff is nice. Very Browne, or rather, Grey. It’s like the Thom Browne man’s teenage son got into his dad’s stuff, then decided to pull on his letterman before playing chicken with the Puerto Ricans in the canal. Lots of oxfords and suit pants and ties, but then also some rugby shirts and scarves. It’s like when you try to go and hang out with your younger friends who are still in college but you’ve graduated and gotten a job and you’re still trying to match them shot for shot but you haven’t played Guitar Hero in forever so you totally suck and the guitar is doing that weird twanging thing and you’re getting really sleepy even though it’s only 11:00 and oh god now they want to go to Jack in the Box and you’re realizing that you’ll have to sleep on the nasty ass couch and why is the TV even set up on the ottoman and all you want to do is crawl back to the ‘burbs and drink some water and fall asleep watching Criminal Minds.

The other thing is price. Grey is expensive. It’s still almost two bills for an oxford shirt, which, yes is cheaper than $400 for a regular Thome Browne shirt but that’s like saying that you’re switching to Russian caviar because the cost of whale placenta has gone through the roof.

I’m not quite sold on it. It’s probably my 99-percent-er upbringing, but if you’re swinging hundreds of thousands of dollars for cotton, you might as well save up just a tiny bit more from your investment banking job (cut back to just two trips to Spearmint Rhino a week, perhaps) and get up to the good stuff.

Maybe Mr. Browne will do a thing with Target, like Odin did. That would be fucking awesome. Champion X Thom Browne sweatshirts. Merona X Thom Browne sweaters. High water, pleated, fleece Polartec pants??

A guy can dream.


**Hella. /hel-ah/ adverb: A term I picked up during my days in the San Francisco Bay Area. Used to remind myself that I, once, hung out with Filipino gangsters.

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