I love fashion but I hate you.

Grammy Time.

IT HAS COME TO my attention that perhaps it is apt to delve back into that blackhole of human endevour called popular culture.  And if pop culture is but a vacuous hole in time space, then surely musicians are but very singularity which rips atom from atom.  It is literally a musician’s job to take culture and turn it on it’s head, so to turn to them for any sort of fashion would be like looking to a hooker for advice on what to wear to a wedding.  Nonetheless.


Much attention has been given to her outfit during the performance but I quite am taken by this.  She looks like a beautiful flightless bird.  A bird that later laid a spotted egg.


At last.  Now I can say with certaint that I live in the future.


T-Pain sort of reminds me of some kind of scary Willy Wonka.  And that is really saying something.




I don’t know who all of those chaps are, but they illustrate a common trend I have been noticing: the use of greys and blacks at parties.  Personally, I think such a combination makes one look a bit like an office drone, textures and fancy hat be damned.



I don’t know exactly what to think of these chaps.  As you get to know me, dear Reader, I am a lover of that feat of precision called the military dress uniform, so these fellows coordinated outfits fill me with a strange feeling I can only describe as sheer terror.  Also, their coordination is a surpring decision.  Do they believe themselves to be a late 90’s R&B group from Philadelphia?

Dear me.  I suppose things could get worse.


Actually I must admit these fellows aren’t terrible this time, aside from their self-assuredness.  What is that one on the left doing?  Stop using your Jedi mind tricks on us, lad.

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