I love fashion but I hate you.

chit chat.

“I’m telling you, baby girl had ass like whoomp. Couldn’t even see around it. Shit had fucking gravitational pull.”

“Man shut up, man. Every week the same with the whompin’ and hollerin’. You ain’t got no pussy since oh seven, at least, brother.”

“Every DAY all day elbow deep in culo, my man. Ey, let me tell you I had barely say nothing to her. She knew it like she knew that Christ was King, na mean?”

“I bet you didn’t even get it in, brother.”

“Gentleman, this line of inquiry is unbecoming of us. Would we not be better discussing — what what is it you Neaderthals are always squeaking about — a ball game? How about the latest perform—”

“Ey, don’t need to worry about that type of shit. I already got a little Steve-O at home, don’t need another. Now it’s strictly sucky sucky”

“Nasty bro.”

“Gentleman, please. I’ve not traveled–”

“And Kevin, shut up with your ‘gentleman’ shit. You’re the same as us. Your moms aint got a man, and you ain’t seen your dad since the Flood, playboy,”

“Charles, I –”

Dios Mio it’s fucking Cristobol”

“Fine. Cristobol, I resent your reference to my father, scoundrel as he is. But as Diaz would say we must struggle against the systems that oppress us even as we contribute to them.”

“Fuck Diaz.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You heard me, whiteboy.”

“My my. Well, fuck you, too, Cristobol.”

“Brothers chill out. Whose phone is buzzing?”


[image via GQ]

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