I love fashion but I hate you.

everyday carry

Let’s get something straight here: I may be a gentleman, but I’m also an imbecile. Were it not for a phalanx of helpful, gloved robot hands, I’d barely know how to get out of bed and put on my japanese selvedge denim, much less surf the intertubes and post on this electronic circular.

I’m often so oblivious to the world outside my immediate range of sight that I’m regularly startled when I “discover” new menswear blogs. I’m even more startled when I find how specific, fetishizing, and pedantic these blogs tend to be. Case in point, Everyday Carry, “found” via Valet Mag, a site dedicated to literally the stuff we have in our pocket or, in the parlance of EDC, “pocket dumps.”**

We’ve gotten to the point, as the menswear community, that we are not merely concerned with trousers, but also the contents of these trousers. It’s interesting to see how the items in your EDC “kit” becomes a reflection of your manhood, or perhaps more accurately, the manhood you wish to project.

This is fairly typical of what people seem to submit as their EDCs. You can’t be a man without the following:

1) Fancy, divey watch.
2) Wallet, preferably a front pocket one, or one that you made, or even better, your grandfather made and carried to Omaha Beach on D-Day.
3) A knife. You have to have a knife. Sometimes you have two or three knives and a multi-tool. Why so heavily armed? Fuck those Crips is why.
4) Keychain. Can’t just be a regular keychain, though. It’s got to be able to affix to your pants. A climbing carabiner is good (because besides being a knife-toting tough, you’re also a nature loving quasi-ranger).
5) A cloth. No Kleenexes for you, oh no. You wipe your brow and blow your nose on nothing less than japanese selvedge coton.
6) Phone and, in this case, a leather cover for your phone, preferably also from your grandfather when he carried his iPhone on the beaches of Normandy.
7) Man we’re on the 7th thing. How many pockets do I have? Ok, well don’t forget your flashlight. A nice tactical one from a law enforcement website that boasts 5,000 lumens at least.
8 ) Ok this is getting ridiculous. Phone. If you have a fancy phone, it actually probably makes redundant half of the things in your EDC. Trust me, there’s an app for that.

Ok so based on the above your Everyday Carry, you are a: Diver, Knife Fighter, Mythbuster, Forest Ranger, and Police Officer. You’re so manly that you have five different manly jobs at once. You’re actually have 5.5 manly jobs if you add in your actual day job as shift manager at Khols.

I’ll be honest, carrying shit is awesome. Call it the “Boy Scout” gene. We men love having the perfect tool for the specific situation? Need to open up a can at the bottom of a lake before surfacing and purchasing something online? Good thing you’ve got your multi-tool, diving watch, phone and wallet!!

I used to carry a lot of stuff on me as well. It’s funny because when you have a need to really open stuff a lot, you end up just carrying a box cutter. Of course, there aren’t custom box cutters made out of 154 CM steel, so people don’t carry them around. Think of that grocery store clerk. He’s not whipping out his pearl-handled blade, he’s carrying a crappy but effective cutter from Home Depot. I guess you can add “grocery store clerk” that to your list of jobs.

**pocket dump can also refer to a sexual practice in which a male has intercourse with a female and then, just before ejaculation, uses a compass and flashlight he was carrying in his cargo pocket to aim his ejaculate towards true north.

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  1. billy says:

    you’re a fucking idiot.

  2. PMG says:

    I prefer “imbecile.” It’s already on all my business cards.

  3. Andrei says:

    “Need to open up a can at the bottom of a lake before surfacing and purchasing something online? Good thing you’ve got your multi-tool, diving watch, phone and wallet!!”

    Funniest thing I’ve read all day :-)

  4. Nicolas says:

    Your entire argument is invalid dude. This is like saying menswear blogs are telling you that you aren’t a man if you don’t wear sprezzy clothes. “Think of that grocery clerk. He’s not sporting a MTM cutaway collar shirt…”

    The point is, this EDC blog isn’t telling people how to be men. It’s an outlet for people to share what they carry everyday. Despite your personal view, there are a lot of people that choose to carry a knife daily. The fanciness of the items they carry goes back to the first point I made. Somehow these people have justified the worth of these items by investing in them and carrying them daily. There are plenty of people who post their carries without many fancy items, but just as you don’t see Wal-mart bought fits on menswear blogs, you wouldn’t expect Home Depot boxcutters on an everyday carry blog.

  5. Dustin says:

    Do you feel better?
    Now go do something constructive you fucking hater.

  6. jordache says:

    Because the people who subscribe to everyday carry communities are sick of explaining themselves, I will enlighten you as to why knives/weapons/everything else is carried, which will consequently explain the purpose of EDC as a whole.

    If you’ll notice, the knives on the site would be terrible in a fight. They take two hands to open, as is the law, are short, single-edged, and unconcealed and noticeable when closed. Clearly the purpose is not to shank anyone or engage in knife fights. Had you taken more than a brief glimpse at the site, you probably would have picked this up.

    If the purpose of the knife is not for fights, then there are only two alternatives as to why they are carried: either the user needs them for a single specific purpose (maybe everyone on EDC works at a cardboard box factory), or they have many general purposes and are so frequently useful that they are carried, you guessed it, every day.

    Clearly you can see the uses of always having a flashlight on you. This shouldn’t need explanation, but if you need it, its because the sun goes away around 12 hours per day, and not everywhere a person travels is lit. People generally go for flashlights that are durable, waterproof, battery efficient, and bright. EDC showcases such lights.

    As for watches, I’m sure you’re thinking “why not just use a cell phone lOool?” For one, because watches attach to your wrist, there is really no reason not to carry one – it doesn’t take any additional space. Watches are far more durable, waterproof, and rarely need their battery replaced.

    I hope that by now you can see the point of this all. These items are the things that the posters have found to be useful enough to have on them at all times. No one likes to be caught off guard in any situation, be it an emergency situation or a situation of convenience; these people have found a way that works for them.

    Before these niche internet sites became more popular, people would simply arrange their pocket contents on their own and carry what they think is necessary to go through every day without being caught off guard. Then they began to communicate online – “I carry this” “Really? I carry that too and these others as well.” This discourse evolved into the kind of sites you so generously bashed.

    That is all.

  7. Colby says:

    U mad. Real mad.

  8. PK says:

    You can tell some of them were posers, whose knives never seemed used at all. And ironic enough, they like to show off how sharp their collections of blades are, unknowingly exposing the fact they are such posers.

    They think things are real and hardcore, but they just fall into another fashion fad.

    It’s much, much better when you see the true “men” and women*** who found the time to post such photos. I want to see what’s inside an explorer’s bag, or an astronaut’s, or a chef’s (who WILL have a knife for a reason), or an Africa travelling doctor’s bag, and not some Best Buy employee’s.

    My friend is a builder and he uses his pocket tool all the time, and it’s fantastic when it’s IN CONTEXT. Those should be encouraged instead.

  9. PK says:

    The knife aside however, I do defend for the blog for the other things they carry, like how they minimizing the bulk with thinner wallets, or ingenuous keychain arrangements. I also don’t see the problem with phone cases, but it seems to be a tendency that everyone likes to show off. It’s just they sometimes also show off their weaknesses.

  10. Postmodern Scumbag says:

    Pretty cringeworthy reading this try hard ass post.

  11. Will says:

    I’m going to drop in and post my 2 cents. I’m a big fan of the every day carry website, and the idea as a whole.
    I’m in the military, not taking guns to Iraq military, I’m in the Navy Submarine force. I carry a ton of little things on me for various reasons, and use it all just about daily.
    You look at that flashlight, or multitool on the keychain and say, “that’s just grown up boys living a quasi-military wet dream.” I’ll say thats part true, I may or may not have purchased needless items just for the cool factor. ($300 night vision goggles? Damn, now I’m broke.) Or maybe the items I use are costlier than they could be. But life is about a balance of fun, and practicality. The frivolous and useful. EDC blog has helped me carry more useful items.
    Some ideas have blown my mind how clever they are in the small ways. For instance, a multi tool on the keyring? But I’m already carrying one. Well maybe I let ET2 Clark borrow mine for some work and he never gave it back (that bastard.) Yay! I’ve got a backup! Or “Man, I just kicked my wallet under the bed, good thing I have this super duper flashlight.” Boom, saved the day.

    Point: Its tough to say what another person’s daily needs are, or would need in an abnormal condition. The idea of redundancy, minimalism, practicality, and divers watches have struck a chord with this submariner.
    Hope I can shed some light on open mindedness about alternate lifestyles and use cases.

  12. haha says:

    Wow get angry about stuff that doesn’t affect you in any way much, queerbaits like this is why I carry a knife lol

  13. mumbo says:

    I’d prbably be able to stand this rant if it was at least funny. but youre just an idiot. tryhard.

  14. Cristian says:

    @jordache & Nicolas,
    Usefulness have little if no role to play if you carry such a knife with you, or a flashlight. Pocket items like the one mentioned above do have a tacit use, true enough, but when you become that guy (or girl) that goes out of his/her way to add something unique to the pocket and then justify through the means of an obscure use, then what PMG says is all bulls eye.
    Penicillin is useful indeed, and there might be someone out there who needs to carry it on a daily basis, however there’s a thick layer of insecurity on you if you find yourself blogging about it.

    If you need to explain yourself about anything constantly, heads up then. You are doing it wrong.

  15. PMG says:

    Internet rule 89: If a website doesn’t have at least one threatened hate crime, it’s not doing something right. So thanks for helping out!

  16. PMG says:

    The thing is, if you DO need it, then fine, do your thing. But you actually proved my point. YOU’RE A SUBMARINER. I’m not knocking people who carry a lot of stuff every day, especially if you need them in your day-to-day. I’m merely saying that the things people carry are often more reflections of what they wish to be. Perhaps you are an exception.

  17. Postmodern Scumbag says:

    Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

  18. PMG says:

    That’s why I have my carry my pogs with me at all times. Anyone challenges me on the pitch…I’m ready.

  19. yehoshua says:

    If I were going to make fun of the EDC guy I would make fun of the fact that when showing his own “carry” he almost always showcases a retarded $5k Panerai Luminor watch. Maybe he needs a gun to keep the pimps and rappers from stealing it.

  20. JR says:

    PMG – I thought your post was funny…thanks for the laugh you imbecile!! I also practice EDC and I definately agree with the belief that men by nature, like to “Be Prepared”. I carry a pen that has a flashlight built in and have used it mostly in the day looking for stuff that has fallen under the bed, couch or desk!!

  21. PMG says:

    I’m not sure if I got insulted just now or not, but just in case: No YOUR mom is fat.

  22. MJT says:

    PMG, I can understand the immediate desire to satirize EDC. At a glance, it seems a little ridiculous. Especially when your only exposure is through photo blogs of neatly arranged, beautifully photographed pocket dumps.

    There is a tendency among the EDC community to fetishize the things people carry in their pockets. You hear people throwing around absurd mantras like “two is one, one is none” (meaning that you should always carry a backup, because when your primary fails it’s tantamount to never having that primary in the first place). This might be useful for Navy SEALS, when equipment failure could mean the death of you and your team, but it’s a bit over the top when your primary mission is to cut open a package or find your lost keys in a poorly lit parking lot. As a result you see pocket dumps containing two flashlights, two knives, two multitools, etc. There are also certain people who see EDC as a kind of preparedness for survivalist or self-defense scenarios, so you’ll occasionally see some weapons or pocket first-aid kits.

    While people like yourself may see these certain aspects of EDC not as a practice born of necessity, but rather a reflection of the person the carrier wishes they could be, I think the core philosophy of EDC is something that everyone can relate to. The idea of preparedness, self-sufficiency, and convenience. Not for some absurd hypothetical situation, but for the mundane necessities of your day-to-day existence. What are your keys, your cellphone, and your wallet? They’re tools that you use everyday. You’re already EDCing without even thinking about it. The rest of us just take it one step further. While you’re attempting to rip open a clamshell package with your hands or your keys, we use a knife. You’re fumbling for that keyhole late at night in the dim light of your cellphone, we have a flashlight. And when you need to wipe your nose and there isn’t a tissue in sight, go ahead and do it on the sleeve of that bespoke, dry clean only shirt. I have a handkerchief, and that bitch is washable.

  23. cam a says:


    you rustled my jimmies

    i carry a fair bit of ‘edc’ stuff, seems to make my life just a tad easier on a daily basis.

    to each his own

  24. Myself says:

    If you cant see why people other than astronauts or explorers would carry a knife then you certainly are no gentleman… A refined lady at best.
    If you value over priced pants rather than the daily uses of their contents then you are as hollow as the pants.
    If you put down other people for ways of life foreign to your own because your ipod and starbucks latte are all the tool you ever need then youre truly sad.
    I work in a brewery, visit both baltimore ans d.c. frequently, go hiking often, do work around the house and yard… All activities are greatly benefited by having a knife handy if necessary because i know if i need to open something, shape something, trim something, defend myself from something, or countless other situations… Im certainly not relying on my iphone.

  25. zarb says:

    happy edc troll is happy

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