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french connection

New York Times’ A.O. Scott has a piece on “The French Connection” that’s worth scaling the pay wall for.

Detective Doyle is the quintessential anti-cop. Ugly, rude, drunk on power, he leverages everything at his disposal to get what he wants. In other words, he’s an ideal man.

Also notable is his style. This movie was made in the 70s, also known as the Dark Ages of Fashion, so the fact that Hackman pulls off some cool looks is noteworthy.

I know Hackman isn’t known for his mad steeze, but from the above famous image we see the dark, subdued tones and proportions of classic style. Again, it is the 70s, but we don’t have any clownishly large ties and weird prints or random epaulettes all over the place. Even his homie (far left) looks pretty slick.

As an aside, if we’re going to talk about Manliness, we should talk about how cool those little snub-nosed pistols were, back before everyone and his sexy female sidekick had to carry .50 cal Desert Eagles. Back in the day, you know you were a man because you could rock the .38 with just six shots, and that your main gun was in your pants.

Also note the badge. The, Workwear just recently did a piece on boutonnieres¬†and lapel pins, and I’m going to have to call it that a NYPD badge trumps any feathers or felt flowers you put in your buttonhole.

Of course, most noteworthy is Hackman’s sweetass porkpie hat.

Dude probably wore it in the shower.

It goes to show that hats can still have a place in a man’s wardrobe if you own it (and I mean “own” in the “you own it, girlfriend!” way, not just the capitalist property way).

Of course we can’t forget that Doyle is chasing a slick French drug dealer, so you know that guy has got some fashion on him.

I guess it's someone's birthday?

Now all you need to get the look is a dark suit and tie, and possibly an international drug ring to take down singlehandedly.

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