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glenn o’brien: nerd and hero

Ok, I’m an idiot, I admit. I thought “The Style Guy” would be written by an erudite, fancy man who has a custom monocle for his purebred Cheshire cat and polishes his wingtips with a martini.

Instead, I find that the mind behind “The Style Guy” is Glenn O’Brien, a nerdy, fascinating character who is as much punk rock as preppy. It’s kind of refreshing that this style maven isn’t just an uptight grouch in an ivory tower. Glenn, author of the soon to be released How To Be a Man, has had a career that couldn’t be better if you dreamed it: working with Warhol, editing “Interview” magazine, and now world-renowned man of style. Respect.

Check him at Jay-Z’s new online…thing…”Life and Times.”

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