I love fashion but I hate you.


I rarely am influenced by movie fashion (except, notably, by the Smurfs) but that new movie Drive with Ryan Gosling has uh got my motor running*?

I’m usually partial to suits, but lately I’ve been getting damn lazy to knot up every day, so I’m thinking of going the opposite route and getting me some henleys. I haven’t worn a henley since grunge was still a “thing” and my main worry was whether Mr. Perkins would spring a quiz on us, but perhaps it’s time to revisit.

First up is J.Crew’s Homespun henley:

This is nice example of the field. Why is it that the 1930s was the golden age of henleys? I guess in the 30s you were either a liquor smuggling baron or an out-of-work field hand. But damn no self-respecting unemployed field hand would spend $72 on a henley. I think the 30s $72 was the entire GDP of the US. $72.

Going down the economic scale, we have American Apparel’s offering:


I hate shopping on American Apparel. Every time I do, I feel like the site is putting in cookies into my computer that will draw the attention of the FBI and Chris Hansen. It’s like shopping for a t-shirt in an Eastern European brothel. $26.

Then we’ve got some of more upscale options, like this one from Japanese ironically-named Fil Melange:

It’s like the old saying, “When you want something genuinely American, turn to the Japanese.”** $75, on sale.

Finally, there’s also a Levi’s version, the “1920s vintage”

Now I like what Levis did here. Their henley is a 19TWENTIES version. That’s a whole extra decade of authenticity. But it’s only a matter of time before some edgy brand out of Norway does a “1905” henley that’s so authentic it spits tobacco and is insistent that women can’t vote. We can only dream. $115.

*I am ashamed to have used such a¬†hackneyed¬†line. I’ll sure hear from the Bloggers Guild for this one.

**Deuteronomy 4:23

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