I love fashion but I hate you.

hors categorie

There exists a grouping of men that are hors categorie – beyond categorization. Seriously, what would you file this guy under? Streetwear? Prophet? Urban shaman? Maybe just a man trying to make his way through the world.*

I don’t know what you need to have in order to have hors categorie but it usually it’s a combination of hard experience and age. My grandfather regularly wears a suit from the 80s topped with festive party hat he got from his nursing home and yet he looks tough. Probably from the years of living in a war-torn nation? Nothing goes with formal attire than a thousand yard stare across the valley of death. Hey, my daily 25 minutes commute and lack of brunch options in my neighborhood builds character, too, right?

Whatever it is, young men typically are not hors categorie. It’s the difference we owe for being youthful and generally more coddled. I don’t know if my and subsequent generations will ever get beyond category, or if we’ve automatically doomed ourselves with our incessant “reblogging” and sending shirtless pics as a way to impress females.

Stay classy, prophet.




*This is a subcategory of “preppy”.



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