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interview: Abe Burmeister

Outlier makes clothes lumberjack fishermen would wear if lumberjack fishing were a start-up with series B funding. Functional, sleek, modern, durable, Outlier dares you to wear them through fire before wearing them to a dinner with the in-laws. I don’t own anything from them, but I like the idea that you can live, die, and leave an exquisite skeleton all in the same shorts.

I ran into founder/leader/guy Abe Burmeister at a gin-soaked launch party for one his newest projects – the Vans X Outlier OTW shoe. It’s the kind of shoe lumberjack fishermen would wear if lumberjack fishing was conducted in a half pipe.

PMG: You don’t have a Wikipedia page, which is a shame. Who are you?

Abe Burmeister: Some dude from New York who makes clothing.

What’s Outlier’s design philosophy?

Freedom and quality, we want to make the best possible product that allows you to live the simplest possible life with zero constraints.

Are you still biking around a lot? Are you ever going to do rollerblading-specific clothes or something? I need something to wear on the rink.  

I bike around the hood everyday, but I live ten blocks from our studio so I’m not sure that counts as a lot or not…

People can do whatever they want in our clothing but you sure won’t find us doing a rollerblade photoshoot…

Techwear is #trending right now. Do you think Outlier has played a role in that? 

We try to stay as far away from trends as we can, we want to make timeless classics.

I went to the Vans OTW x Outlier party. I admit I was pretty drunk. Tell me about the collab and the shoe.

We were fucking around in Vegas a while back, ran into some people from Vans and voila a shoe was born.

Did you always have that beard?

Yeah was born with it.

Do you think beards are totally #techwear?

I once endo’d, skidded ten feet on my chin and got up unharmed, but my beard was half an inch shorter, so yeah super functional.

What else are you and Outlier planning?

Can’t talk about that!


Who are your heroes in real life:

Steve Jobs, James Turrell and Bugs Bunny

My favorite virtue: 


My idea of happiness: 

Owning nothing

My idea of misery: 

Getting caught in the bullshit

My chief characteristic: 


My favorite quality in a woman:


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