I love fashion but I hate you.

“man” of style: planter’s peanut

Blogs often point to an ideal man as inspiration. You’ve got the old standbys like Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. More “edgy” blogs might call upon Nick Wooster or Josh Peskowitz. Some will evoke the name of ancestors.

For today’s highlighted style man, I prefer to call upon an anthropomorphized peanut.

This Planters spot ran over the holidays and I always really liked the look and feel of it. It’s very “Fantastic Mr. Fox” another movie which I love partially because the animated animals seemed to have great style. Yes, I’m saying that a peanut and a fox have great style.

Look at the form fitting jacket, the french cuffs and gloves. The monocle, cane, and top hat just scream “Hipster Runoff”, too.

It’s actually quite disconcerning.

But don’t think Mr. Planters (is that his name?) is just into high-end suits. In another commercial, we see he’s a sneakerhead too.


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