I love fashion but I hate you.

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A Continuous Lean┬áhas a habit of pulling from LIFE Magazine’s archives. This is genius. Not only is it easy to search for LIFE images, but LIFE’s archives are up to its ears in that preppy/American style that has latched onto contemporary menswear like some fashionable lamprey.

Of course, the problem with pictures from a mainstream magazine culled from the 1950s and 60s is that the people in said images are, well, pretty much mostly white — preppy white people smoking pipes and rowing boats in sweaters. It’s a great look, but let’s balance this out with a little militancy.

The question isn’t, “Why is he wearing a carnation?” it’s, “why AREN’T YOU wearing a carnation. Everyday. To Work.”

I great example of how cool (if a bit business-like) the short-sleeve-with-tie look can be. Maybe you can’t pull it off, but MLK can.

Politcal strategy? Only in a bow tie and pocket square. Also, this is pretty much as casual as you could get in the 60’s and MLK and company still look more presentable than 90% of human males. Seriously, I’m pretty sure back then you wore an undershirt in the shower.

Switching gears a bit. Even when arguing to rise up against The Man, you should still look polished. Note the collar pin.

Sure, Trad is in. But is there anything more American than rifles? I thought not. If I were ever on the run from Federal forces, I hope I’d have the decency to wear a tie and tie clip.

This is how you used to protest Back in the Day. Suits, ties, boat hat, polished shoes — I think you were required to have one clergyman. Note all of the shades of blue. Even the dude in the sweater looks good. You hold a rally today, you’ll just get a bunch of 19-year-old “anarchists” living off their trust funds, a few militant lesbians, some dudes playing hackey sack and high on shrooms, and a couple from Park Slope who wanted to drop by before brunch.

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