I love fashion but I hate you.

new yorks best dressed man and biggest ego


I know this blog may not be much to look at, but believe me when I say I spend days dreaming up and writing the words of each post, and sometimes days more waiting for pictures to upload on WordPress. The most difficult thing is always the wording, and I have become well acquainted with Lady Writer’s Block (sounds like a hemorrhoid cream). I have a number of methods to help my writing gland expunge it’s juicy literary bile, one of which is to go to coffee shops and stare at my fellow New Yorkers*.

New Yorkers on the whole are a fashion savvy lot, although they are more subject to the winds of fashion than any other population I’ve lived amongst. Generally, the women here stick with the “black tights and black heels” look, and the men do the same, minus the heels and tights, and more with the Barbour jackets, selvedge denims and friendship bracelets.

Sometimes, though, you get a guy with a great “kit” like this:

I like that this guy went with the three-piece, and I respect his decision to go all-black (no doubt to pander to the black tights-wearing females of NYC). It’s a bit Wall Street, with the somewhat wide pants and longer jacket, but Adam Levine here looks the part.

But if you’re looking for apparently very well-dressed New Yorkerites, check out the list Jake Davis is compiling to find New York’s Most Stylish Man. Entries include:

Josh Peskowitz, my fav.

Omnipresent serial ankle displayer Nick Wooster

Adam Sandler lookalike Angelo Urrutia

And shoe horn Mark McNairy, for some reason


…amongst other entries, most notable of whom is Doug Bihlmeier, who seems to be getting votes because people confuse him for a homeless Union Square man.

To be sure, all of the gentleman in the contest dress better than me, but that’s not stopping some people from throwing their own hats into the…uh…hat.

Ah, New York, where even a conversation about the best ancient Greek philosopher would ultimately end in someone handing you their head shot and CV. Atif must be a blogger.

But, in fairness, I’m not sure if the above contest is even legitimate, since we’re effectively comparing people who make style their profession. It’s like when the NBA comes up with the All-Star Team — yes, it’s an honor, but ultimately you’ve just got a bunch of really tall guys who are all pretty good at basketball.

But I suppose it is something to look at while applying your Lady Writer’s Block.

*I live in Brooklyn, which I understand isn’t the “real” New York, since none of the Housewives of New York City live only Manhattan.

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  1. ThisIsMyFace says:

    This post was witty and made me smirk. Love your description of the contest entrants. My money’s on the ankle show-off, but you’re right about needing to clarify the rules. No professional pants-rollers allowed!

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