I love fashion but I hate you.

on finding inspiration and how short is too short

Pursuant to yesterday’s blog post, it’ll be tough to find New York’s best dressed man. Indeed, some people have their own opinions about the men shortlisted, and many noted how much camo there was. I surmise that it’s because fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and indeed it pulls inspiration from disparate, unexpected places — working class aesthetics, historic art movements, or major political upheavals:

Some of these men are fighting for freedom. Some of these men are fighting for a spot in line at Shake Shack.

Whatever is happening here, I’m sure we’re all inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, it’s not easy to muster the loins of the fashion forward. Unless that is, you’re literally mustering loins, like in American Apparel’s new campaign.

I hope you're not reading this at work.

But one thing American Apparel knows is that skin sells, which is why the eternal question of “How short is too short?” has once again reared its odious head, yet another reminder of Spring’s eminent arrival. To find the answer, T Magazine will do whatever it takes, including putting their own writers into the line of fire.

Like any good journalist, the writer of the “A Leg Man” piece has decided to take it upon himself to uncover the truth by wearing shorts all about LA’s various douchebag hotspots, similar to when Nellie Bly faked insanity to investigate women’s asylums, albiet without any of the dignity. And while in the course of his “investigation” he gets more than his share of puzzled looks and inquires as to what had happened to the rest of his pants, I’m mainly surprised at how a writer can afford some of the pieces he mentions:

Chilled morning air whistled up the yawning leg holes of a pair of Yves Saint Laurent shorts hiked up toward my navel….

…I kept the shoes and socks and slithered into a pair of terra-cotta shorts and a snug, elephant gray jacket, by Zegna…

… a longish blazer in neon fuchsia by that Teutonic brand of minimalism, Jil Sander.

YSL? Zegna? Jil Sanders??! If this is what a fluff journalist can afford at T Magazine, imagine what an actual writer could make! The guy manning the Middle East Desk probably flies there in a golden jet. And, this being T Magazine, the Middle East bureau is no doubt in charge of finding the latest fashion trends.

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