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rrl on bleeker

New RRL store just opened up. I hope you like braces and looking like a classy miner. I’ve never actually been a big fan of RRL but the new store has a suit shop that’s Indiana Jones X The Untouchables. I managed to snag one of the workers as he was leaving from the store’s first day open. I couldn’t get snaps from inside, but it’s worth checking out, if anything because of the detail in the decor. Lots of antique-y Americana stuff. It’s like going into Philip Marlowe’s private office. Pretty sure I saw a Necronomicon in there**

This guy had an umbrella that he just nonchalantly tossed aside when I asked for a picture.. This was probably his 14th street pic that day alone.

Check out how wide the lapels are. I respect that RRL is taking the “throwback” setting to “max power.” This guy’s other accessory was a tommy gun.

More pics after the jump.

RRL on Bleeker

RRL on Bleeker Ralph Lauren

Of course, please excuse any horrible photography/photoshopping.

**Spell check has no response to “Necronomicon”

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  1. Amanda says:

    Thats my brother on there! Looking amazing ..so dapper! Love RRL! Cant wait to see the new store!

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