I love fashion but I hate you.

smoking is cool i don’t care what people say.

Is D.A.R.E. still in play? I won’t go as far as to say it was brainwashing propaganda perpetrated by the Black T-Shirt/Police Industrial Complex, but I’m dubious at its aims. I’m pretty sure right after D.A.R.E. graduation everyone went out for a smoke break. It reminds me of the time when this couple came into our health class to teach abstinence because “you guys aren’t going to be with your high school sweethearts forever.” The couple teaching were high school sweethearts. An orgy followed.

There’s something about standing around with smoldering ember in your hands that make you look badass. I’m thinking this is how cave men used to feel. “Dude, have you seen Oggdor’s new Flaming Wooden Stick? It’s awesome. I think he got it at Best Buy.”

Flash forward like 50,000 years (or three hundred in Bible Time) and go from a savannah in Nigeria to Alphabet City…

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