I love fashion but I hate you.


Most people, when I ambush them (typically outside of their place of bathing, or after coitus) are a bit taken a back when I ask for a pic. You would think cocksure** NYers seem prepared at nearly all times for the flash of the strobe and the wink of the shutter. It is not the case.

And the last thing you want to do to your subject, be it a deer or a hipster wearing a John Deere hat, is spook him. I have to trash a lot of pics because people look spooked. They’re tense. Constipated. Or overly self-aware.

Not Taka. The Japanese in NY are absolutely “killing it.” If I had to describe what he was wearing to you without a picture to illustrate, you would have think I had a stroke. Floppy Ivy hat worn a la Leonardo Da Vinci. Tweet blazer and matching vest. Yellow scarf. Long Coat with purple facing. The dude was like the Japanese Renaissance version of Harry Potter.

*I said cock. Heh. Edgy bastard.

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