I love fashion but I hate you.

that socal style

Went back to The OC for Xmas.** I’ll say this now and damn the consequences: Most people in Orange County have terrible style. “Terrible” is an understatement. It’s abortion-inducingly bad. Maybe it’s the weather and cheesy travel advertising, but SoCal-ers dress like they’re, at any moment, about to go snowboarding. Lots of cargo pants/shorts/shants. Lots of flat-brimmed hats that make them look like horrible musicians that specialize in a punk/rap/shit hybrids.

But there was a few goodies in there. Take this gent below. Remember that all around him were lowered Civics, raised monster trucks, and tons of grown men dressed like 15-year-old boys.


**NO ONE calls “Orange County” “The OC”, I merely did it to annoy myself. Mission accomplished. Asshole.

3 Responses to “that socal style”

  1. BallsOnFace says:

    maybe it’s the 15 year old boys that are dressing like grown men…


  2. Turling says:

    Thank you for pointing out that no one calls it the OC. Drives me batshit crazy that does.

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