I love fashion but I hate you.

the Care Tags Show, co-hosted by some jerk.

I’ve always wanted to do a podcast. I’ve got a face for radio, and the voice of a Russian orthodontist. It just makes sense.

Care-tags is a fashion/culture forum started by a fashion buddy* of mine I met on Reddit**. It’s got the usual population of youthful, exuberant, highly-knowledgable laptop fashion experts, coupled with a surprisingly tender layer of decency. The level of insight (and the amount of free time some of the forum members have) is astounding. But it’s also rejuvenating. I jumped at the chance to co-host and produce a fashion podcast raised from the very soil of the internet.

So far, we’re just messing around with format, guests, segments. Who knows what’ll happen to the show in the future. Thanks to everyone who works super hard on this.

Here’s the pilot, an interview and game segment with an insightful Care Tags forum member.

And second episode, a discussion on gender, fashion, and the internet:


*There’s no way to say “fashion buddy” without also invoking the image of a rear end ensconced in thick denim.

**There’s no way to say “met on Reddit” and not sound like a furry convention reject.

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