I love fashion but I hate you.

the Care Tags Show, episodes 3.5 and, uh, 5

The Care Tags Show is still chugging along, much to my own surprise, since, like a rhesus monkey trapped in an 80’s disco, I am easily distracted.

Episode 3.5/4 – A short discussion with one of the Care Tags/Reddit fashion dudes while I was on break in San Francisco. I took an immediate liking to David, probably because for some reason I really like Korean Irish Americans. We talk Thom Browne while sipping coffee in one of San Francisco’s hellish “parklets”

Episode 5 – The podcast decides to put on one of those reporter hats where its a fedora with the word “press” written on a piece of paper and shoved into the brim. Back then, that was considered “credentials”. Anyways, we take a leap and cover London and Milan fashion week. I found this particular episode to be pretty difficult, actually, because of, you know, content and research. A great learning experience.

Thanks to all the guests and all those who make the podcast possible. Thanks for listening, listener.

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