I love fashion but I hate you.

the fat man.

October 9. A Thursday. Went to talk to Simon today, the fat man. He said the truck was still 75,000 but he could come down on giving a ride. I said I could get 10,000 and the rest after the trip. He laughed and said how could he trust me? I showed him my bag, with the fruits inside. His eyes widened and he looked up and smiled and asked for the bag. I said I could not give him the bag, as it was what I needed to get to over the border in the first place. He smiled again and took out his rusty machete, a tool from his younger days leading the High Town Boys, from behind his desk and asked for the bag again. I said no again. He wondered why I would risk my life for some fruit. I explained my situation, about the wedding and the tree and the fruit and my daughter. I said that even with his machete he was too fat to fight me. He smiled again but this time he coughed while beckoning for me to come closer. I left.


Image via the Sartorialist.


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