I love fashion but I hate you.

the hill-side autumn winter 2011

I’m from California. Our version of winter is when a landslide sprinkles the side of your house with flecks of granite and obsidian. Grandpa would go outside and say, “By George, it’s snowing earth flakes!” and we’d run out of the house out of joy and also because the landslide has destroyed most of our Malibu condo.

Rose. Bud.

But now that I’m in NYC, I can actually enjoy a change of clothes semi-annually. First amongst my giddy metamorphosis is The Hill-side. A Headlong Dive got his grubby mittens on some of their camo ties, which made my goiter swell with bile and jealousy.

The Hill-side are one of those American brands that has turned one thing, namely chambray, into the bedrock of a hipster empire. If Alexander the Great were to wage wore against the Phoenicians over a supply of PBR and who’s vinyl collection was more “street”, The Hill-side would be his outfitter. Their staple basics are off of the proverbial chain. And now their Autumn/Winter collection takes that chain, lights it on fire, and uses it to slay Dracula.

Rucking fidiculous. I’m getting a very foresty/poet vibe from this layout and the models. Very Leo Tolstoy:

Slap that asshole in a chambray turban and get him a Naty Ice.


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