I love fashion but I hate you.

the man in white

This guy. This guy right here. Why I oughta. I oughta…

I oughta take a picture of him.

This dude is a professor. I swear either professors either dress like disheveled survivalists or immaculate beacons of¬†erudition. What is his Ph.D in? Sexiness. Specialty? Taking your girlfriend back to his place and nailing her, and then explaining to her how postcolonial feminist marxist theory means she should leave now. His thesis was titled,”Showing You What a Little Pansy Ass You Are, 1986-Present”.

I think he’s breaking at least 74 style rules and one international tariff treaty. Those pants are Dickies. He has sneakers on. He’s wearing a short sleeved shirt under his jacket. But oh that smile.

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