I love fashion but I hate you.

the well-dressed knight

I came up with my moniker, Postmodern Gentleman, a few years ago, after a terrible incident in the City in which I was affronted by a gang of hipster ruffians. After this harrowing ordeal, I brooded for weeks in my apartment before deciding to dedicate my life to the study of fashion and style. And martial arts, I guess. But while I had a philosophy and training, I still needed an identity that would strike fear into the hearts of d-bags all over the world.

Fortunately, one stormy night while in my study reading (or as some people call it, “sitting on the toilet looking at magazines”), I was struck with ¬†inspiration: a dark fashionista, that would prowl the internet, striking out at those who take themselves all too seriously. Because he’s the hero that the internet deserves, but not the one it needs right now…and so we’ll hunt him…because he can take it…because he’s not a hero…he’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector…the Postmodern Gentleman.”

Man, that is a good movie.

But now I’ve found I am not the only one to take on the Mantle of the Gentleman. There is another! Suddenly my movie reference shifts wildly from Dark Night to Highlander.

On the other hand, Macleod's texturing is great.

Behold, another Postmodern Gentleman has come to challenge me!

This video is a slap in the face for several reasons. First, I would never wear a purple shirt with a purple-based tie. Second, I would never, EVER exercise. And just what is he doing exercising in the woods, in a suit anyways? The guy seems to run quite a distance, too. Is no one going to pick him up??

Fortunately, it seems that the fight has been won before it started, since this was made way back in 2008, before the general flurry of menswear would rear it’s selvedged cranium. It would appear, for now it least, The Well-Dressed Knight (and his army of pro-bono lawyers) is safe.

Speaking of large heads, I’ve been checking into Jake Davis’s blog to see if he’s announced a winner to his little “best ‘dressed'” fashion poll.

He has not.

But he does have a shitload of comments to sift through. I was hoping to see some good, old-fashioned fashion hating, but generally everyone seems to be lining up and casting their votes in a boring, but orderly, manner. But at least one guy dared to step out of line.

Judging from his log-in name, he’s from the emerald green isle of Stereotype.

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