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everyday carry 2: the revenge.

Yesterday I spoke at some length about Everyday Carry and talked about how the things we carry often reveal volumes about our self-perceived — or wishfully projected — personas. Whenever you start swinging around the sociological sword, people are going to get a bit irate, and I had more comments last night than ever! Ok, so it was like nine comments, but for a blog that gets about nine readers (8 of which are me just hitting F5 over and over) that’s a lot.

And while I’m glad to welcome any comments, including idiotic ones, I was most concerned because people said that I was a “hater.” OK, well I am, but then some of you commenters are haters on me hating, thus creating a “hater vortex” that, left unchecked, would turn the entire universe into an enormous rap video shoot.

But I went back to the post to analyze my argument, using every ounce of skill from my liberal arts degree (the diploma is proudly displayed over the fryer at the Wendy’s where I work) to comb through my piece. After consulting with my graduate advisor/hamburger assembler, I have a few points:

-This blog is a joke. The fact that people get so heated on the internet (and about, essentially, wallets) just proves the point that we need to chill out.
-This blog isn’t a joke. I think it’s valid to consider what we carry as a means of self-definition. Now, as some commenters pointed out, if you DO happen to need three knives, an acetylene blowtorch, and a French-Russian dictionary on you at all times, well then by all means, rock it. But how many of us are really in need of carrying such things, beyond the need to justify our purchases?

Then again, I had to reconsider. After all what was in my EDC? At first it seemed pretty straightforward.

Not including my phone, which of course I had to use to take the damn picture. But wait, I realized that this was pretty much my barebones EDC, and in reality I did carry more:

OK, I admit, that knife I rarely carry on account of the fact that I now carry a shiv fashioned from an old toothbrush, but the other items are definitely part of an “enhanced” mode. But then I realized also that I’m also a cyclist, and if anyone likes to lug around crap, it’s a cyclist:

The annoying thing is that when I ride I have to carry all of those tools in case I need to fix a flat or whatever, but for 90% of my rides those tools just end up being a burden.

Of course, the EDC ethos is one I can get behind, and I realized that EDC wasn’t just a show-and-tell, it was really a philosophy which united men the world over. I started to consider where we’d be if certain men didn’t have their signature EDCs, and I decided to research a bit on what some famous, if fictional, men had in their kits:

Han Solo:

Where would Han be if he didn’t keep his trusty blaster by his side? Not shooting first, that’s where.

Jules Winnfield:

There is an entire world dedicated to the firearms in the movies (America! Fuck yea!). I’m actually not sure if Jules carried his pistol every day, but I like to think he did. And it’s possible he got his fine wallet from his grandfather, which would only serve to make Jules even more bad than before.


If anyone is allowed to carry tons of crazy shit, it’s Batman. And although his line of work certainly merits it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Batman use a knife. The animal crackers are for when Robin gets hungry during patrol.

OK so bottom line: carry around what you will, and don’t worry what me or other menswear bloggers say about it. Lighten up. Besides, it’s all sort of moot anyways since Homeland Security will confiscate it on your next flight.

In the end, isn’t there just two things we need in our EDC?

6 Responses to “everyday carry 2: the revenge.”

  1. Hallock says:

    The internet is serious business for some people.

  2. mumbo says:

    you take yourself too seriously

  3. Cristian says:

    And so is stamp collecting, yet when stamp collecting is made fun of, no one goes berserk and irate (except for old Joey Smalls, our local mailman and the town drunk). Why is it that the Internet crowd is so touchy feely about flat out everything?
    If I were the internet, I would take a vacation to the Bahamas, get some ass, and stop hanging out with the intranet.

    My thoughts on the pocket content piece? Everyone can carry whatever they want in them pockets. I usually carry fake money just to pretend I am a millionaire. However, I gotta admit that what does bother me are people who carry shit around just for the sake of impressing people, or trying to make a statement or trying to be defined thru their pocket fillers. I can totally see some guy from Brooklyn (yes, I just threw a whole borough in the hipster bag) that carries a bow tie in his pocket, just for the sake of it, waiting for a chance to be THAT guy in a party, full of himself, that vomits some cliche quote “Oh this? I just like to carry some style in my pockets…” Sorry friend, I call you out on your bullshit. What you carry in your pocket is insecurity.

  4. Michael says:

    Yesterday i followed your link to the EDC website and was quite tempted to create my own little EDC kit to project my desired self.

  5. James says:

    My projected self carries these:

    Hemisphere Waterman Fountain Pen (brushed metal, blue ink)
    Tanner Leather Goods Black Cardholder Wallet
    Original Droid Phone
    Apartment Keys on Saddleback Leather Fob
    Moleskine Pocket Softcover Notebook
    Sometimes, a pocket square/handkerchief

    I wear glasses and have a watch too, but them shits aren’t in my pocket, they are on my face and on my wrist. Not telling which goes on which.

    And no, I don’t carry a fucking knife, because A) I work in a government building, and B) I’m not planning on mugging anyone on my way home from work today. If you’re a civilian and you carry a folding knife, you better have a job cutting open cardboard boxes. Otherwise, you’re probably a tool or a thief, and maybe both.

  6. Crissy says:


    Why do you carry your passport everyday? Isn’t your driver license sufficient?