I love fashion but I hate you.

suit yourself

Unabashedly Prep has partnered up with Rugby to do a creative “collabo”, styling some young creatives — Rugby provides the clothes, and Unabashedly Prep provides the douchiness.

To be fair, UP has got some serious skillz. The photographs, styling, and layout are pure prep porn.

All images "courtesy" of UP

Preppy Guy: Oh, is that a vintage collar bar?
Other Preppy Guy : No, it’s an erection.

Seriously, UP has done such a bang up job I can hardly hate on it.

But hardly doesn’t mean can’t.

There’s five guys:

Tyler – the young surfer
David – the “struggling” writer
Foxley – the assistant to the editor
Ali – the requisite black guy
Brian – the book dealer

My favorite is Foxley. As the assistant to the editor, he has the most grandiose title of the bunch, and UP’s advice on capturing the look is hilarious:

Says UP,”I stuffed a bow tie into my chest pocket once when I was in a pinch and have been doing it ever since—it’s a personal style preference. Just stuff it in there and don’t think about it too much.”

I think it’s safe to say that if you stuff something into your pocket, you’re probably not thinking about it too much. I can’t recall the last time I had something in my shirt pocket and it constantly was bothering me. The exception to this is when I bought an eighth of the sticky off my dealer in Union Square. I stuffed that in my pocket and I definitely thought about it, especially as I passed NYPD officers in the subway. Then again, the reefer isn’t usually considered as “Trad” as several grams of cocaine.

Then there’s Brian, the book binder:

“There is something physically nostalgic about a book—a book in whose pages you can actually flip beneath the pad of your thumb. There is even something more nostalgic about a handmade book. Brian thinks so too.”

Yes, I agree books are just so darn quaint. As a member of the “Millennial” generation I’ve read probably only four books in my entire life, most from 11th grade AP English (I’m still working on Crime and Punishment–damn your reflection on the natures of reason and dispair, Dostoyefsky!) and have an attention span of about 34 seconds (I write each post in PMG in 155 separate installments, between doses of Adderall). As a member of the “Douche-ennials”, I have a love of books, but only as fetishized objects which look great in my loft apartment with various artisanal furniture pieces. I find reading books to be so nostalgic.

Again, the images are immaculate, so kudos to UP. I’m looking forward to more work like this in the future. Now please excuse me while I work on my collar bar.

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  1. Hallock says:

    I also like the styles, but that part about the book really got under my skin.

    I did book-binding for a few years and it’s not about “nostalgia.” It’s adding individuality to a writer’s work. Like working in a dark room, you spent so much effort on the photographs, why would you hand it to someone at Rite Aid to develop carelessly?

    Please, let’s not talk about the book like they don’t exist. Just because we invented cars doesn’t mean people stopped walking. There is still a necessity for print, it’s just limited.

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