I love fashion but I hate you.

The Callout: Mostexerent


I like mostexerent for several reasons. First, it combines my two favorite things: fashion, and racism. Finally, a way to express my love of design and racial speech impediments.Before this, I had only Engrish.com to quench my desire for inappropriate Asian jokes.

Second, Mr. Wong is a textbook MBS (Money Buys Style)-type of blogger: he’s constantly pointing out his bespoke shirts to us, and he’s obsessed with photography. In fact, he has pictures OF his cameras like other people have pictures of their children. Sometimes he combines the two. And, of course, it’s a tumblr account, the junior high school of blog platforms***.

But that’s not all, he also has an inexplicable love of furniture, but balances this rather frilly pursuit by putting up porn.

Oh right...nsfw

Finally, as all quality douchebags tend to, he has an open call for questions. I would think with his range of interests, he’d be posed such stumpers as, “I’ve got  some shelving in the garage. How can I maximize the space for my large collection of vintage smut?” and “WTF?” But, no, people really do ask him his opinion on style, which I grudgingly admit is sound if not a bit coy.

But wait. Fastidiously neat and clean? Bit of an accent? Bespectacled Asian guy trying to make it in a white world? Where have we heard this before?

Let’s hope he can get some scandalous pics of Miss Golightly.

***Wordpress is the junior college of blog platforms (lots of aspiring, but ultimately doomed, adherents), blogspot is the technical school (competent, if uninspired) and Livejournal is the Sunday School (been there forever, a little creepy).

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  1. Saint says:

    This “callout” is getting even more to the point by the day…
    I can’t stand this guy any more.

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