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Topshop Opens to Mixed Retractions

Ok. Fine. FINE. Assholes.

Some of my comments were a tad hasty.

Some of this stuff is pretty cute. I had some of my crazy ninjas arm themselves with smoke grenades, shurikens, and iphones and assault the Topshop stronghold. Needless to say their findings were shocking.


First, we have some cute short/suit things. I think these will be big for Spring/Summer. My prophecy that we will soon be dressing like turn-of-the-century children is coming to fruition.

Masahiko Maruyama's Fall 2011 Preview

Masahiko Maruyama's Fall 2011 Preview

There are some damn cute blazers. I love plaid like Urkel and Borland‘s love child.



There were also some nice suiting. I’m a big fan of contrast piping and facing.


It is obvious men’s suiting is slim, but I notice that the tailoring is moving towards the more feminine, with broader shoulders, shorter jackets, and occasionally less waisting.


This casual men’s coverall is perfect for that business casual oil change. C’mon Topshop no one but the most secure men (or those, the very pinnacle of masculinity, ironically, gay black men) can pull that off.

My retraction is such that I must even say that it is certainly not cheap at Topshop, what with the strong pound walloping the dollar. Nonetheless, Topshop could provide the commoner with items previously out of reach. We shall see. Ninja vanish!

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  1. Cas Ruffin says:

    I miss the old site where the pictures showed up on the front page.

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